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Moses Mabhida Stadium, Durban / 20-21 June 2014


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Disadvantages of using baby bike trailers

Disadvantages of using baby bike trailers

Planning to add a trailer to your bike so that you and your baby can travel together with ease? Well, though baby bike trailers are surely a better choice than rear or front bike seats, they do have their share of shortcomings that must be well considered before you start thinking about buying one for your kid.

Problems that you may face with baby bike trailers

More travel time – Since you are carrying an additional seater and your baby, you will not be able to travel at your usual riding speed. The additional weight will have a significant on the time that you take to travel a particular distance and may be a problem if you are planning to ride long distances. Additionally, you will have to put in more effort than you usually do for bike riding, thus making them less uncomfortable than traveling in a car.

More area – Since baby bike trailers add up to the length and the width of your bicycle, you will not be able to easily traverse roads/lanes that are very narrow or turns that are too tight. You will have to adapt to the new length and width of your bike and only then will the rides become easier to you. So, no more squeezing through tight spaces with your bicycle.

Difficult handling – Since the trailer shifts the center of gravity of your bike, you may find it difficult to maneuver your bike as easily as you did earlier, especially during making road turns. Also, when you want to park or stop, doing so with a trailer attached will require more time and effort. You will also need to adapt to a new way of sitting on your bike.

Route planning – When you ride alone, you can travel on practically any kind of roads and terrains – from perfectly smooth to somewhat rocky and bumpy. But not with baby bike trailers. When a trailer is attached, you will have to ensure that the route you take is as smooth as possible. This is necessary, because even the slightest bump may cause unnecessary jerking that may harm the baby. Not only that, a bumpy road may cause the trailer to trip over, the outcome of which can be horrendous.

No direct interaction – When you put your baby in a trailer, you are keeping it far from you all the while you travel. Unlike baby seats that are attached to the front or rear of the bicycle, you won’t be able to communicate with your baby when it is to your rear and away from you. So, not much interaction as long as you travel.
All that being said, using baby bike trailers isn’t that bad an idea after all. There may be some limitations, but they are nothing when you think about the time that you can spend with your child by using a trailer. No longer will you have to worry about your child while you are out of home – it will be right behind you – safe and under your protective care.

Click here for more informations, reviews and guides about best bike trailers for kids on the market.

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What is the right type of electric scooter for your kid

What is the right type of electric scooter for your kid

Kids love to travel with their own transportation in high range. They take pleasure in riding with a little speed to recreate a high-speed race car in their minds. Speed is one of the important concerns for most of the parents in the recent days as it is the main cause for unexpected accidents. Many parents look for the standard bikes to offer as a gift to their kids in order to restrict the speed of child. Most of the infants love to have fun than physical effort. In that case, you have to consider about the purchase of electric scooters for your kids. Electric scooters provide lots of enjoyments and delights than the usual bicycles. Kids often find time to ride on their scooters to have more fun and bliss. The actual power of the electric scooters lies in the batteries. When you decide to pay for the scooters for kids, you have to think about important factors in advance. These sorts of electric scooters are very stylish and it comes in a different assortment of colors and shapes.
Kids feel more grown up

Every kid will appear cool and chic when they ride on the scooter. Some of the electric scooters may resemble real motorbikes and it makes the child to feel more grown up. You can find all high-quality scooters at affordable scooters and so purchasing the electric scooters are really a cost-effective solution. You can easily assemble the scooters without any hassles. Diverse kinds of lights are used in the electric scooters than compared to normal scooters. If you desire to give the best for your kids, you have to prefer the electric scooters available in the online stores.
There is no doubt about the happiness of your kids when you offer this kind of surprise on their birthdays. Chargers are come with the electric scooters and so you can charge your kid’s scooters at any instance. It is important you have to choose the scooter that has the standby battery power for long hours. This will be the best option to avoid frequent charging actions. You just want to charge the battery for less than one hour and it lets your child to enjoy the ride for more than four hours.
Safety concerns for electric scooters

Electric scooters are really safe and comfort for your little kids. Parents and guardians need to make sure about safety measures so that your child can enjoy the time while travelling on the scooters. Lots of attractive colors are available in scooters for kids and so you can prefer the favorite color of your child. If you think travelling on a bike is safe and secure, you have to think about the purchase of electric scooters. You just want to aware about some safety precautions as it protects your child from accidents. Scooters are usually made up of hard-wearing elastic materials and so it will not injure your child in any case. You don’t have to concern about prolonged usage of scooter by your kid as because of the limited battery time.

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The Daily News gives car owners a chance to ‘Show and Shine’

Friday, 4 April 2014

Top Gear Festival Durban continues its celebration of racing, stunts and all things motoring at the Moses Mabhida Stadium this year. This award winning event and The Daily News are once again giving car owners a chance to be a part of the festivities with this year’s installment of “Show & Shine”.

Organisers are calling all South African car owners – if you think you have the hottest, most modified wheels around, a car souped up to the max and worthy of the attention of thousands of motoring enthusiasts, then the team at Top Gear Festival Durban want YOU to be part of the revelry for this year’s show!

The highly anticipated Top Gear Festival takes place from 21st – 22nd June 2014 and you stand the chance to be a valued part of the action. All you need to do is visit the Top Gear Festival Durban website, upload 2-5 images of your “Souped Up” car and then wait for the call from Festival headquarters to let you know if you are one of 80 lucky winners who will have their car on display at this year’s festival.

So, what do you win? You and your “Souped Up” car will be invited to attend the festival and display your rip-roaring wheels in the Daily News “Show and Shine” enclosure. As well as the bragging rights that come with being selected as Top Gear Festival’s pick of South Africa’s most ‘Souped Up Car’, you’ll also be photographed and interviewed by the Daily News and featured in the paper the week after the event.

The Daily News stand is sure to be a main attraction at this year’s Festival as it will also play host to the Daily News ‘wrapped up car’ competition. This year The Daily News are literally wrapping a car in newspaper, encouraging visitors to try and guess the vehicle concealed beneath – the winning contestant will become the proud owner of a magnificent brand new ride!

Don’t miss out – enter today – competition closes on the 15th May and winners will be announced in the Daily News later that week.

*Terms and Conditions apply – Please see Terms and Conditions

Festivalgoers can expect an exciting day packed with entertainment both on and off the track at this year’s Top Gear Festival in ‘the warmest place to be’ . You don’t want to miss out on this 2 day motoring extravaganza filled with rip-roaring action, edge-of-your-seat thrills and exhilarating Top Gear antics. Following the success of two sell-out shows in previous years, visitors are encouraged to book early to secure their attendance at the most exciting event on this year’s entertainment and motoring calendar.

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Top Gear trio all set for brand new exhilarating stadium show at 2014 Festival

Top Gear trio all set for brand new exhilarating stadium show at 2014 Festival

Show to feature breathtaking cocktail of stunts, supercars, special guests and challenges
Special tribute to revolutionary performance cars
World premier of a montage celebrating their most chaotic and dangerous moments of the past 12 years

The supercars are fuelled, the presenters are revved up and the stage is set for the third installment of the action packed Top Gear Festival Durban.

Hosted by all three of the UK show’s inimitable presenters – Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May plus tame racing driver ‘The Stig’ – the stadium show, which will be one of the highlights of the two day festival, promises to be a breathtaking cocktail of stunts, supercars, special guests and challenges.

In one of their most ambitious shows yet, the producers have set the boys a challenge of creating their own interpretation of electric racing cars, they will be going head to head in a drifting challenge which will see one of them crowned as the champion and the Top Gear Live Stunt Driving Team will take on one of their most intricate stunts yet.

The dynamic trio will pay special tribute to successive generations of revolutionary performance cars such as the Ferrari Testarossa’s evolution into the Ferrari 599 GTO and asking the question; Which is better – old or new? They will also be celebrating their most chaotic and dangerous moments over the past 12 years by showing a brand new film – a world premiere of this montage and a must see for all Top Gear fans.

For the first time ever this year’s show will feature customised music in the form of a rap written and performed by none other than local rapper Jack Parow. The Top Gear boys are very much looking forward to meeting the controversial Afrikaans rapper but Richard has expressed concerns of what the rapper may expect from him; “We’ve heard that a certain rapper called Jack Parow will be joining us in the Moses Mabhida Stadium this year although know one’s told us quite what he’ll be up to, I for one am intrigued to know what he’s going to be doing in our show? I just hope he’s not expecting us to do any rapping!”

Festivalgoers can expect a day packed full of entertainment as this year’s Top Gear Festival Durban in ‘the warmest place to be’ offers a true celebration of all things motoring. Visitors are encouraged to book early to avoid missing out on the most exciting event on this year’s entertainment and motoring calendar.


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